Chef Chan Hon Meng made headlines in August 2016 when he was awarded a Michelin star for his Hong Kong-style soya sauce chicken rice and noodle dish, defying the idea that Michelin stars are only awarded to fine-dining restaurants.

The world took notice and, soon after, snaking queues formed in front of his humble stall at the Chinatown Food Complex, Singapore. The wait for his $2 meal can be as long as two hours, and to keep up with demand Meng began working 17-hour shifts and serving 180 chickens a day. Throughout it all he kept his promise to maintain the meal’s low price so everyone could try it.

Come October, Melburnians can skip the eight-hour plane ride to Singapore and head to Lonsdale Street to try the now world-famous Hong Kong-style crisp-skinned soya sauce chicken rice. The new outpost will be called Hawker Chan.

The last time Chan was in Australia he was the guest chef at a one-off event in Sydney where only 100 people got to try the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred meal. This will change when the 100-seater Melbourne restaurant opens with a similar menu to the one at the original Singapore stall, with some local adaptations.

The opening of the franchise is the product of a partnership between Chan and Hersing Culinary, which is also behind the Michelin-starred dumpling franchise Tim Ho Wan in Melbourne and Sydney.

More details coming soon.

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