In case you missed his vertical garden installation at The Design Files Open House back in November, worry not. Melbourne innovator Joost Bakker is back and he and his team have taken things to brave new heights as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, opening the Greenhouse – a living, breathing restaurant in Queensbridge Square.

Living sustainably in the home is one thing, but creating a restaurant that adheres to the same ethos is quite another. Nonetheless, with a whole lot of imagination, the Greenhouse team have managed to conquer and succeed, creating a fantastically relaxing and exciting environment for patrons.

With straw walls, an edible garden outside, menus made from flax fibre and waterless toilets on site, the Greenhouse may take a somewhat extreme approach, but it shows that anything is possible. The idea, says Joost, is to have a restaurant hat is “completely waste free, from the ground up”.

Head chef Matt Stone has compiled the menu, combining garden ingredients with local and seasonal produce on a daily basis. There's also been a host of guest chef appearances from the likes of Loam, Mamasita and Collective Espresso. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled when you're ambling Southbank Promenade. And check out the time lapse video Joost and his team put together documenting the construction and operation of the venue below.

The Joost Greenhouse runs until March 21.

Joost Greenhouse
Queensbridge Square, Southbank, Melbourne

Daily 8am–10pm

Greenhouse by Joost :: From Construction to Operation from Will Watt