You know that feeling when you’re watching a film and the star (probably Brad Pitt) is eating ice-cream on screen, so all you want is ice-cream? Gourmet Cinema knows the feeling, which is why it’s had the brilliant idea of pairing food to suit the movie you’re watching.

Over the two-week Gourmet Cinema season, one restaurant is put in the spotlight per screening, serving food from a carefully crafted menu inspired by the film. There will also be four other food vendors on rotation serving up signature dishes. This year Gourmet Cinema is screening 13 iconic films at Caulfield Racecourse from March 2 to 12.

Take a look at who’s serving what:

Baby Pizza x Eat Pray Love – Thursday March 2

No need to glare at Julia Roberts with food envy, Baby Pizza will look after you. It’s serving Margherita pizza with fior di latte and fresh basil, and salumi pizza topped with pancetta, double-smoked leg ham, spiced sausage and borgo hot salami. They’ll also have a rigatoni ragu and a warm Nutella bombolone.

Meatmaiden (Barbeque & Beer) x Caddyshack – Friday March 3

Meatmaiden is serving poutine and croquettes filled with mac’n’cheese and jalapenos alongside this ’80’s golf comedy. Don’t avoid the “Doodie” (a chocolate caramel log), and definitely go for the “Kill-the-gopher burger” with slaw and hot sauce – Bill Murray would.

Fish & Chippery by The Atlantic x Finding Dory – Saturday March 4 (matinee)

Try the beer-battered fish and chips or squid-ink brioche bun filled with miso-marinated rockling. If it feels too cruel to eat fish while you’re watching Nemo and his forgetful flounder mate, grab a few Aussie potato cakes and a green salad.

Tokyo Tina x Lost in Translation – Saturday March 4

Tokyo Tina will be serving salmon sashimi poke with avocado, mango, coconut and tamari while you watch Scarlett Johansson charm Bill Murray. A karaage chicken with lime and kewpie mayo is excellent for sharing.

Posh Dogs by Tommy Collins x Happy Feet – Sunday March 5 (matinee)

Three different slider hotdogs are on the menu for this afternoon screening: the Nacho dog (beef sausage, avocado, queso fresco, chipotle mayo), the Hawaiian dog (chicken sausage, grilled pineapple, bacon and onion jam), and the Ruby Murray dog (chicken sausage, tikka masala, mango chutney).

Horn Please x Slumdog Millionaire – Sunday March 5

You’ll be tempted to phone a friend too when faced with this menu. Do you take the butter chicken marinated in yoghurt, ginger, tomato and fenugreek? Or do you go for a creamy beef korma curry? Or a vegetarian samosa? (Your friend will probably tell you to have all three).

Meatmaiden (Wine & Grill) x Sexy Beast – Monday March 6

A crime flick should always be watched with a burger called “The Don”, filled with beetroot, egg, cheese and fried onion rings. Sides and the Maiden cheeseburger will also be on offer, plus braised smoky squid.

Baby Pizza x The Talented Mr Ripley – Tuesday March 7

It’s the same menu here as opening night – Margherita and salumi pizzas, rigatoni al ragu, bombolone filled with Nutella and a serving of a sun-kissed Jude Law.

L’Hôtel Gitan x Amelie – Wednesday March 8

Prahran’s L’Hôtel Gitan has created a special dessert for the occasion: Amelie’s plum tart served with crème anglaise. There will also be other French classics including a croque monsieur and frites, plus saumon fumé – smoked salmon – in a soft milk bun. Délicieux.

Pimm’s x Cocktail – Thursday March 9

Appropriately, the Pimm’s Garden Bar will be the hero during the screening of this ’80s classic, with special drinks to accompany the film. Close your eyes and imagine that Tom Cruise (circa 1988) is making them for you.

Fonda x Frida – Friday March 10

In honour of the great lady, Fonda has created a Quesa-Frida quesadilla filled with pork, spinach, pickled onion and avocado salsa. You’ll also find fish or beef brisket tacos, plus tortilla crisps with guacamole.

Kong x Pulp Fiction – Saturday March 11

A chicken katsu sandwich, barbeque cheeseburger, spicy chicken fingers, and a salted chocolate mousse from the Korean barbeque restaurant. Yolanda, be cool.

Saigon Sally x Blade Runner – Sunday March 12

Rice-paper rolls, caramelised pork belly and a science fiction classic. The Cup-0-Noodle (thin egg noodles, chilli jam, fried shallots and a 63 degree egg) is a new take on the original cup noodles. Charge up with a Viet coffee crème caramel.

The Pimm’s Garden Bar will be open during every screening, as will Gontran Cherrier, which is serving coffee from St. ALi and desserts such as macaroons, chocolate truffles and dark chocolate and raspberry eclairs. There will also be a Tommy Collins snack bar every night, serving Bulla choc tops (mint, salted caramel and boysenberry), salted caramel popcorn and brioche ice-cream sandwiches.

With the exception of one-night-only specials, you can choose dishes from Baby Pizza, Meatmaiden, Saigon Sally, The Fish and Chippery by Atlantic and Horn Please at screenings between March 2 and 7, and L’Hôtel Gitan, Kong, Tokyo Tina, Fonda and The Pimm’s Garden Bar from March 8 to 12. Food prices range from $2.50 to $18.50.

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