Plenty of celebrity chefs have television shows, cookbooks, product lines and awards. But how many star on their own collectable cards?

To celebrate Maker & Monger’s inaugural Friends of Fromage “toastie world series”, cheesemonger Anthony Femia has created chef versions of the collectable playing-card-sized items usually reserved for sportspeople and Pokemon.

Each week of the toastie collab series, which ends Sunday September 3, a guest chef will create their dream sandwich and Melburnians will be able to buy that week’s cheesy creation from Maker & Monger on Saturday and Sunday. There will be 100 collab toasties available each week and each one will come with a collectable card featuring that week’s guest chef.

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For the cards, Femia was inspired by the Weet-Bix Olympic Hero, NBA and NRL cards he collected as a kid. “These chefs have given so many people memorable moments in their lives, through their delicious food and incredible dining experiences. So why not celebrate them like our sporting heroes?” Femia tells Broadsheet.

In addition to Femia himself, there are cards featuring (and toasties from) Masterchef alum Diana Chan, Embla’s Dave Verheul, Smith and Daughters’ Shannon Martinez and hummus king Tom Sarafian.

Adding to the nostalgic feel, the portraits on each card, taken by Kristoffer Paulsen, have been given a faded 1970s finish. They also come complete with fun facts and a quote from the featured culinary star’s favourite movie.

Maker & Monger’s chef collaboration toasties are available from Shop 98, Prahran Market, 163 Commercial Road, Prahran, every week until Sunday September 3.