A “good egg” is an Australian term of endearment used to let someone know they’re a good and honest person.

“We think the name has allowed us to think about how we can be ‘good eggs’, or good citizens, and reflect this in our menu and service,” says Greg Bremner, co-owner of Good Egg, which opened late last year in South Melbourne.

Bremner and co-owner Nick Deveraux aren’t new to the cafe industry: they’ve owned and operated Wall Two 80 in Balaclava for more than eight years.

Good Egg is inspired by similar spots around the world that also devote themselves to the humble chicken egg.

“Having a central focus means it can be done really well,” says Bremner. “And we’ve also found this encourages creativity rather than diminishes it.”

The eggs are sourced from a local farm in Daylesford, Real Eggs, which provides enough space for less than eight chooks per hectare, living on pastures in full sunlight, and which eat a nutrient-rich diet of bugs and worms.

“The flavour is what eggs used to taste like when I was younger,” says Bremner. “They’re rich and the yolks are the most beautiful orange colour.”

Every item on the Good Egg menu features eggs, be it scrambled, soft-boiled, fried, crumbed or deep-fried (as in the case of the Scotch egg).

The space itself is a reminder of the hero ingredient here, with a palette of mostly white and a soft shade of yellow. “We had to self-edit with the egg concept as it would be easy for it to become clichéd and appear cluttered,” Bremner says.

Local furniture designer and manufacturer Like Butter helped create the clean, organic fit-out, which celebrates the concept but in a restrained way.

Bread, including the challah bun, comes from Woodfrog Bakery, and the bacon – preservative and nitrate-free and cured with maple syrup – is also sourced locally.

“My favourite dish is the bacon and egg roll with our house-made apple and date sauce,” says Bremner. “And if you’re a guts like me, you’ll put a potato cake inside the roll.”

Good Egg
303 Coventry Street, South Melbourne
(03) 9939 4239

Mon to Sun 7.30am–3.30pm