Bluebonnet BBQ’s chef Chris Terlikar knew he had a passion for cooking smoky American BBQ when he built his first smoker out of a toolbox, dishwasher pipe and copious amounts of black, heatproof paint. Twenty years and a career in fine dining later, he’s creating a name for himself with his distinctly Texan barbeque.

Terlikar will set up shop in Moor Street’s Grub Van. The meat is cooked in a powerful smoker that keeps it at 121 degrees Celsius at all times, a contraption that looks more like a locomotive engine than an oven.

Terlikar is passionate about the food he serves – he did an eight-week internship in Texas at Micklethwait Craft Meats to learn the art of cooking the perfect American BBQ. And with Bluebonnet BBQ serving favourites such as the 12-hour beef brisket, the 600-gram beef ribs and the black garlic cornbread, it’s best to tackle the pop-up on an empty stomach.

For dessert, Terlikar has collaborated with pastry chef Matt Forbes to make smoked-banana-and-salted-caramel-stuffed doughnuts. Decadent and gooey, it’s worth an extra trip to the dentist.

Wash down the meal with some Devil’s Share, a new beer by Boneyard Brewing, brewed with beef brisket jus. Boneyard Brewing’s Chris Badenoch promises it, “Works so well on so many levels.”

Bluebonnet BBQ will be at Grub Van from May 29 to June 12, then June 17 to June 19. There will be free samples of Devil’s Share beer with every chopped-brisket bun from 5pm–6pm Saturday and Sunday (while stocks last).