A couple of weeks ago saw Melbourne's coffee geeks pile into Auction Rooms to witness the inaugural Victorian Siphon Championship.

The siphon is that funny Bunsen burner contraption you’ve probably seen popping up in cafes all over Melbourne. Fundamentally, siphon coffee is a vacuum method of brewing coffee that’s gentler than traditional methods. The result is a more delicate and complex brew. And as demonstrated at the Championship by some of Melbourne’s finest baristas, it’s quite an exact art of heat regulation.

The competitors had ten minutes to present two identical siphons and a signature beverage that could include anything of their liking but be true to the taste of the coffee used. The coffee was roasted by Small Batch Coffee and was the Nicaraguan La Esperenza Cup of Excellence LOT#19 from 2010.

Jonny Vroom from Proud Mary took out the ultimate glory, winning his way to the national championships later in the year. Kris Wood, also from Proud Mary, came in second with Eoghan Fitzpatrick from Duchess of Spotswood coming in third.

The national winner will be flown to Japan to compete in the World Siphonist Championship in September this year.

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