Even if you’re not particularly swept up in the new wave of specialty tea or coffee, wandering into Assembly might inspire you to simply step back and appreciate the sheer amount of care and effort that goes into that one small cup.

Housed within a contemporary, gallery-like space, the Carlton store specialises in rare blends of tea, filter coffee and beautifully crafted brewing equipment sourced from across the globe.

With takeaway cups a common sight across town, duo Chrissie Trabucco and Ollie Mackay opened Assembly with the intent of encouraging Melbourne’s coffee and tea drinkers to take on the challenge of brewing at home.

“I think coffee has a reputation of being quite inaccessible to a lot of people and we really want [Assembly] to tailor the experience of how people drink coffee at home…we want to involve them, to improve how they make coffee at home and make sure they get the best out of what coffee they’re using,” explains Trabucco.

While the pair – also behind Lowlands in Thornbury – aims to replicate the perfect steaming cup at home, they also invite customers to sit down and enjoy the relaxed environment, with an in store coffee or tea of the day. This might include anything from a creamy Kenyan black tea to an aero-pressed La Calandria coffee blend, accompanied by some elegant treats by Matt Forbes.

The interior, designed by Nathalia Suizu, is inspired by minimalist Japanese architecture and utilises the clean space to showcase the coffee and tea as if works of art.

Another key feature of the store is Assembly’s in-house publication, offering tales from those who source the tea and coffee sold in store, brewing guides and creative recipes. “It's not too serious, just aiming to encourage a little thought, opinion and consideration for what we are drinking,” says Trabucco.

60 Pelham Street, Carlton

Mon to Fri 7.30am–4.30pm
Sat 9am–4pm