In April, we reported that Gelato Messina was in the process of securing a second lease in Melbourne.

Well, as of today, it’s open. Shop number two, near The Corner Hotel, is now bringing frozen dreams to the people of Richmond. (Cremorne, if you want to get technical). It follows the initial outlet on Smith Street, Fitzroy. “That one is overflowing and bursting at the seams,” co-owner Declan Lee says.

“We were looking for sites all over the place, and this one came up,” he says. “It’s one of those things, you look in different suburbs and then a site you like pops up, and you’ve got to go for it. It wasn’t like, ‘We have to be in this suburb or that suburb.’ But we like the area. It’s a bit grungy, and still has that vibe Smith Street had when we first went in there.”

The new store opened on schedule, just 18 months behind Fitzroy. “There’s actually not that much to fit-out. It’s mainly the freezer cabinets and a bit of wallpaper,” Lee says.

The Richmond shop looks much the same as Fitzroy, though it’s about two-thirds the size. But as long as you’re not eating in, that shouldn’t be a problem: the two stores are planning to synchronise their release of new flavours and other specials.

Along with the opening, two new flavours make it into permanent rotation: Macadamia Crunch (AKA Steve Jobs for those who remember the special) and a Coffee and Hazelnut Praline Sorbet, which dairy free, but supposedly you’d never know.

Doors open at 5pm today.

Gelato Messina Richmond
164 Swan Street, Richmond