Do you like your gelato with soy sauce? Or with tuna? Here’s your chance to find out.

Ever-expanding ice-cream empire Gelato Messina is bringing its Messina Creative Department to Melbourne for the first time. It’s run in Sydney’s Darlinghurst store since April.

The seven-course experimental dessert degustation seats eight people at a time and takes place in a private room at Messina’s Windsor store for five days in August. If you already thought gelato was a bit steep, this experience is $130 per person.

Dishes are designed to challenge the palate – and don’t expect them all to be sweet, either.

The menu is still under wraps, but an example of a past dish is a goat’s-yoghurt gelato with green peas and pine oil, white soy sauce and grilled lardo (cured pig fat).

Another is a sherbet made from swedes (the turnip, not the Scandinavian) with chips and a black-truffle dashi flavoured with dry tuna flakes.

And the test of how far you’ll go for “experimental gelato”: two types of garlic gelato, one infused with white garlic and one with black garlic.

Gelato Messina brand manager Sian Bishop says, “It’s not a poncey, stuffy affair. It’s very relaxed.”

Will you leave hungry? Bishop recommends eating something small before you go – it is dessert, after all … not a full pub meal. There are seven courses to get through, though.

Messina Creative Department comes to 171 Chapel Street, Windsor from August 23 to 27. There are three sittings per evening (5.30pm–7pm, 7.30pm–9pm, 9.30pm–11pm).

Bookings have just sold out, but there are plans to add extra sittings. You can join the waiting list here.