Brunch. With all that plotting to do, it’s hard to picture Cersei Lannister sipping on a latte decked out in activewear post rooftop yoga session.

But with the last season of Game of Thrones due to premiere next week, every person and his direwolf is getting in on the swords and sandals action. That includes the folks behind the Disney-inspired Magical Brunch, Viral Ventures, who stage catered and themed events.

As with other events organised by Viral Ventures, details are slim beyond the promise of lords, ladies, warlocks and a Winterfell-inspired setting. The evening will feature a Game of Thrones-esque banquet. Actors in costume will perform scenes from the TV series and books, and guests are encouraged to come dressed as their favourite characters. Viral Ventures has previously staged events at Melbourne Town Hall and the Old Melbourne Gaol.

With no info yet on the menu or who’s cooking it the mind is left to wander to thoughts of pies filled with the remains of a king’s murdered sons, and Ramsey eating Theon’s “sausage”. Delish.

The event will run every Saturday and Sunday in June. Earlybird tickets are $50. The location is secret for the time being but the event organisers say you can expect an "underground dungeon style venue."

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This article was updated at 2.41pm on April 9, 2019.