In early 2017, Cutler & Co shut its doors. After eight years at the forefront of Melbourne dining, chef and owner Andrew McConnell felt it was time for the restaurant to evolve.

Enlisting Iva Foschia of IF Architecture (who also did the fit-out for next door wine bar, Marion) to helm a redesign, Cutler & Co reopened just a few short weeks later, but the time that passed didn't do the change justice. When it reopened, it was as a restaurant totally unlike its predecessor. Cutler & Co is located in an old metal-works factory, and Foschia’s refurbishment ensures that history remains a protagonist. Part of the back wall was ripped out, replaced by windows that let sunlight drench the room during the day, and which provide a Mary Poppins, industrial-style silhouette of old chimneys at night.

During the re-build, McConnell invited Broadsheet's video team to document the process. Starting with an empty shell, we were there to tell the story of the restaurant's rebirth, from the ground up.

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