This week, we’re introducing some friends in the hospitality industry who are using MyBroadsheet presented by Mercedes-Benz. Below are a few bar owners in Sydney and Melbourne who’ve been using MyBroadsheet to save and share their favourite stories. Find out where they like to eat and drink, and what they’re reading on Broadsheet.

Michael Madrusan – The Everleigh
Since opening on Gertrude Street two years ago – and bringing a little more fanfare to drinking cocktails in the process – Michael Madrusan’s The Everleigh has fast become one of Melbourne's best cocktail bars. Its sophisticated menu, impeccable service and refined space have set it apart from the very beginning. A couple of months ago, Madrusan built another bar next door, something darker and more relaxed, Elk Room, which is available for private events. Back at The Everleigh, there’s jazz on every Sunday night from 9-11pm, while Madrusan is busy working on a cocktail manual for bartenders, and will likely be back on the cocktail tram in March for Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. When he’s got the night off, Madrusan might be drinking at Los Barbudos or eating at Chingon. Check out more of his ‘favourites’ on his MyBroadsheet profile.

Simon Griffiths – Shebeen
It’s been just over half a year since Simon Griffiths and business partner Zanna McComish opened Shebeen, a not-for-profit bar set up to provide donations to the Third World through the sales of their drinks and food. And it’s had a hell of a debut, raising $12,000 since February this year, giving away their first round of donations just two weeks ago. To celebrate, Griffiths and the team gave away free coffee for a week, and introduced a new spring menu. A social entrepreneur, Griffiths has been involved in raising funds before. In 2012 he launched a toilet paper company called Who Gives a Crap that raises funds to build toilets in third world countries. Griffiths recently did a TED Talk on this project up in Brisbane and sales for the dunny roll are through the roof. Check out his MyBroadsheet profile here.

Adi Ruiz – Bulletin Place
We met bartender Adi Ruiz year ago when he lived in Melbourne and worked at Seamstress - he used to write some of our nightlife content too. Since then, he’s lived and worked in Singapore and more recently returned down under to open his own bar in Sydney, Bulletin Place. With his two friends and partners (Tim Philips and Robb Sloan), Ruiz and the Bulletin Place crew serve five fresh cocktails daily, with ingredients they pick up at the market that morning. It’s not a new concept to buy fresh and seasonally, and neither is making cocktails, but Ruiz and his team are doing it well and the outcome is some damn delicious drinks. Check out some of Ruiz’s favourite venues on his MyBroadsheet profile.

Dave Kerr – The Beaufort
For a very long time, Dave Kerr wanted to open his own bar. He’d worked in some of the best joints in Melbourne (including Seamstress with Adi Ruiz), he knows how to make a killer cocktail and has some of the best bar chat going. He’s a regular contributor to Broadsheet, and in turn, we’re regulars at his Melbourne bar The Beaufort. It’s one of our favourite places for a tinny at the end of a long week. When Kerr knocks off, he often heads into the city to Bar Americano, Bar Ampere or Whisky and Alement. But this guy know a good bar, and there are many more he recommends on his MyBroadsheet profile.

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