Movida’s Frank Camorra and prized Melbourne sommelier Matt Skinner may be best known for their nous in the kitchen and cellar. But this year, they’ve added another notch to their belts as Movember Ambassadors.

Supporting the men’s health movement by throwing their cred and upper lips towards the battle against prostate cancer and depression in men, the two are cultivating moustaches to end all moustaches.

And with this year’s campaign revolving around the concept of the ‘Modern Gentleman’, we thought it only good and proper to ask what types of food and wine a gentleman with a mo should embrace – and avoid.

What sort of moustache will you be growing over Movember?

Frank: A Magnum PI moustache

Matt: I've had suggestions that have included everyone from Tom Selleck to Ron Jeremy to Ned Flanders, but I'll be looking closer to home for my inspiration and taking a lead from this year’s Mo Mentors: Max Walker, Dennis Lillee, and John Newcombe – three fine Australian gentlemen who wore the classic 70s horseshoe with style and grace. That said, I'm not completely convinced that I can even grow a moustache yet, let alone wear one with style or grace.

What sort of food/drink should a man with a mo embrace or avoid, and why?

Frank: Avoid any molecular foods; foams and jellies.

Matt: Mo bros should avoid nothing and embrace everything. A true gentlemen is open to any new gastronomic experience and even the trickiest of food and drink can be consumed in a gentlemanly fashion. Keep it nice and remember your manners. Watch how much you put into your mouth, no wiping your mo with the back of your hand and, most importantly, no flaming drinks during November.

What essential dishes every modern gent should have in his kitchen armoury of recipes to impress, particularly in No/movember?

Frank: Every moustached man should have a copy of MoVida Rustica. We have rustic and easy recipes to compliment a real mo.

What should a modern gent know about storing wine? And serving it – when and how?

Matt: A modern gentleman will more than likely buy his wine from day to day – in which case he will fully understand the importance of buying his wine through a specialist wine shop or merchant where the wines have been kept in optimum condition, and they'll also offer the best kind of service and advice. Further to that, the modern gent knows how important it is to have a decent set of wine glasses. Like good speakers make all the difference to great music, good glasses make all the difference to the taste of wine.