Like a speccy taken in the pouring rain, Four’N Twenty has defied the odds to make a meat-free version of its beloved meat pie.

The plant-based pie benches beef in favour of plant-protein mince made from soy, wheat, powdered mushrooms and more.

Its ingredient list contains no animal products, but because it’s made on the same production line as the brand’s meat products, it can’t claim official vegan status.

That said, the pie’s already been broadly embraced by the vegan and vego community, which leaked the news before Patties Foods (Four’N Twenty’s parent company) could make an official announcement.

Some meat-eaters have decried the new pie as sacrilege, with one vocal Facebook detractor demanding to know “one good thing a bloody plant has ever done”, before suggesting pie pastry made from meat instead. Four’N Twenty stepped in to plug the oxygen-giving power of plants, and explain it wants its pies to feed as many Aussies as possible.

The meat-free pie will be available at Coles and Coles Express starting late March (with a RRP of $3.50), and at Woolworths and some independent supermarkets, servos, and – most importantly – the MCG from April (prices are expected to vary). Just in time for the first siren of the footy season.