Did you know that it takes just $3 to feed a child in the developing world for ten days? A confronting fact that only emphasises the point that despite starvation being an ongoing problem in the developing world, it is very preventable and we have the means to assist.

From Cup to Crop is an initiative launching this week. It is supported by the organisation Plan, which started over 70 years ago in Europe and set up an office in Australia in 1971. From Cup to Crop creates awareness of the ease with which we can help feed the starving - a donation of $12 can feed ten children for a month and this can be donated easily on the website. You can also find a Food Fighter restaurant where you can help feed a child for a month by simply adding $3 to your bill at the end of your meal. Or, be brave and take the challenge of feeding yourself on $3 one day a week for four weeks. Those who are up for the challenge can find the ingredient list here, along with suggested recipes and shopping lists. Then donate the money you’ve saved to the cause. The highlight of the campaign will be a cocktail party in March in collaboration with the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival where a $100 ticket will go towards feeding one child for three months.

Armed with a battery of high profile chefs such as Chris Manfield (Universal, Sydney), Adam D’Sylva (Coda), Pete Evans (Hugo's, Sydney) and Andrew McConnell (Cutler & Co, Cumulus Inc.), From Cup to Crop is a passionate mix of flavour and practicality and a cause well worth feeding.