As the weather heats up each year and we really get into the thick of summer, one of the great things about the season is the abundance of fresh fruits that we have at our disposal, ready to enjoy raw, cooked or in our cocktails.

With stone fruits having a particularly great season this year, we’ve decided to let you in on how to make the most out of peaches in your home cocktail making endeavours. Whether your peaches are of a yellow or white flesh – or an organic or supermarket variety – you’ll find that this fruit pairs great with bourbon. Something you may not have expected, why not get started on our suggestions below for a little inspiration.

Peach and Sweet Bourbon

Due to its warming sweetness and often distinctive, oaky, vanilla profile, sweet American bourbon is quite simply the perfect alcohol match for ripe peaches. Try muddling some peach in a cocktail shaker before adding a measure of bourbon, a dash of vanilla liqueur, a splash of soda water and some ice. Shake and strain, enjoy over ice and you’ll know exactly what we mean. But for something a little more decadent, whip up a contemporary take on an old classic, the Peach Julep:

• 60ml bourbon
• 1 small yellow fleshed peach, quartered
• 15ml sugar syrup
• mint
• Schweppes soda water
• ice

Muddle half of the peach and a few mint leaves in a glass and then add the bourbon and sugar syrup. Next, fill the glass up with ice and top with soda water. Garnish with the rest of the peach and a large sprig of mint.

This article is part of our ongoing flavour match series. Be sure to check in next week, for another piece of cocktail making inspiration.