There are two more weeks left of summer. And while we are firm believers that ice-cream and gelato are season-agnostic, many argue summer is the best time for a scoop. Here are five new ice-creameries and gelaterias to visit, from Yarraville to Carnegie.

Kori Ice Cream, CBD

This Japanese-inspired scoop shop is the work of ex-Tonka pastry chef Joanne Yeoh and former Luxbite owner and pastry chef Bernard Chu. This second Kori outpost (this time in a CBD car park) opened in December last year. Stop by for flavours like Hokkaido cheesecake; Fuji apple or yuzu vegan sorbet; caramel purin (custard pudding); and a plant-based tofu vanilla.

Sundae School, Fitzroy North

Clinton and Karina Serex opened a new outpost of Sundae School, which specialises in US-style ice-cream (which is typically creamier and less custardy than French glace or Italian gelato). Crowd-favourites include cardamom, burnt honey and pistachio, and the Lemon Creamsicle, a blend of vanilla bean ice-cream and lemon sorbet. Vegan offerings include a Pina Colada sorbet and the Apple Pie: oat milk and plant-based cream mixed with apple compote and a sprinkle of warming cinnamon. It’s not a pie without the crust, so vegan pie crumbs are folded through the ice-cream as it’s churned.

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Nuvoletta Gelateria, Carnegie

Co-owner Vera Teodori started working in Italian gelato shops when she was a teenager. With her partner Alex Toretto (ex-Gelateria Primavera), the pastry chef has returned to this first love. Gelato is churned on-site with high-fat Jersey milk; St David Dairy cream; fresh, seasonal fruit; and other made-from-scratch ingredients. Classic Italian flavours like fior di latte and lemon sorbet (made with freshly squeezed lemons) are then scooped from insulated pozzetti. There are also more complex flavour combinations like basil, honey and walnut, and Italian combos like ricotta, olive oil and lemon zest, and Sicilian pistachio.

Gelato Messina, Malvern

Find yourself anywhere in Sydney at any time of day, and chances are you’ll spot a couple of people walking about with that telltale green-and-orange cup piled high with creamy gelato.
The obsession spread interstate when Gelato Messina opened its first Melbourne store on Smith Street, Fitzroy. Richmond, Windsor and Brunswick East followed soon thereafter, and now the chain has a fifth location on Glenferrie Road, Malvern. The Malvern store is already popular among south-siders, who go for Messina classics like Italian nougat, hokey-pokey and macadamia crunch from noon daily.

Bianco Latte Gelateria & Cannoleria, Yarraville

The gelato-makers at Bianco Latte already had two stores – one in Elwood and one in Northcote – before they opened a third shop in Yarraville at the end of last year. The new location, at 17 Ballarat Street, has the same familiar flavours found at their other stores (and their Williamstown-based gelato cart). Try its rich spin on Ferrero Rocher; the floral ricotta, honey and cinnamon; and a range of sorbets.