Inspired by memories of Clifton Hill Macca’s, 300 Grams is best known for its beef-smash patties. But the fish burger has quietly developed a following since the burger joint opened in Northcote in 2019, and then in Coburg last year.

So, the team is leaning into the popularity of its old-school fish fillet with Scalable Fish-Op, a 300 Gram spin-off in Essendon devoted entirely to seafood.

“We’ve got no beef or chicken other than the dim sim, because I couldn’t leave it out,” says co-owner Joe Farah.

Find everything from classic fish’n’chip packs to souvlaki (made with grilled gummy, hot chips and extra-thick house-made tzatziki), and a tuna cheeseburger, which the team has modelled after the 300 Grams signature. “We mince the tuna and have added a few of our spices,” he says. “We give it a nice little crust. It tastes like our 300 Burger almost exactly.”

Of course, Farah’s well-loved fish fillet makes a star appearance. Here, the fish is coated in soda batter (instead of beer batter), fried and served on a burger bun with tartare sauce and a slice of cheese.

There are also a few more specialty items like chargrilled Skull Island prawns coated in gochujang and burnt ghee, buttery brioche rolls stuffed with Moreton Bay bug, plus NZ salmon. And, of course, potato cakes: they’re hand-cut and fried to crispy perfection.

Located in a former fish’n’chipper, the space is slightly industrial but intimate. There are muted concrete walls and terrazzo countertops. And in the front window, you’ll find several cuts of market-fresh fish available to take away for home cooking.

While Scalable is predominately serving takeaway at the moment, it’ll soon expand its dine-in trade with the addition of 30 outdoor seats.

Scalable Fish-Op
1041 Mt Alexander Road, Essendon

Tue to Sat 11.30am–9pm