Only Fluffy Torpedo would open a store like this.

The whimsical ice-cream maker’s new scoop shop on Sydney Road, Brunswick, has a loose swimming pool theme that is most prominent in the electric-blue tiled walls. But there’s also a slightly gothic bent to the theme, reminiscent of Yorgos Lanthimos’s Poor Things, thanks to benches welded by co-owner Adam Semple that are meant to appear to “ooze silver blood”.

There are also chandeliers made from sticks and a menu made from a cork backboard with handmade aluminium lettering. On the floor, passages from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein have been painstakingly handwritten by the other co-owner, Cherry Rainflower.

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Those familiar with Fluffy Torpedo’s outlandish first store on Smith Street, Fitzroy, where the floors are literally paved with sour strap lollies, won’t be surprised by the decor here.

Photography: Ashley Ludkin

“Our shops are a creative expression of Adam and I,” says Rainflower, who hopes the space can provide a beautiful break for customers.

The Brunswick store, the couple’s second, also has a tranquil Japanese rock garden in the back, a bed with a tiny handwritten message on the white tiles above it that reads “You can get on it”, and a rainforest-themed bathroom brimming with plants.

Since opening their first store at the start of 2023, Semple and Rainflower’s ice-creamery has become known for zany flavours, such as blue Powerade and smoked Cherry Ripe. While the new space is distinct, the duo’s sentimental Australian takes on traditional ice-cream, and a flair for unserious creations, remains. Ice-creams are all made at the Smith Street store, and here you’ll find the same flavours as at the original location.

There’s the buttered baguette, made with browned butter for an extra sweet and salty kick, and the iceberg lettuce and sour green apple sorbet. And there’s no shortage of vegan and gluten-free options.

Photography: Ashley Ludkin

“There are so many combinations or flavours to experiment with and enjoy, and we like to provide that for the public,” Rainflower tells Broadsheet.

The pair are also working on locations in Melbourne CBD, Sydney and their home state of Western Australia, where they previously worked together at Semple’s Stampede Gelato.

If there’s one thing the new Fluffy Torpedo ice-creamery is guaranteed to provide, it’s joy. Founders Cherry Rainflower and Adam Semple have been committed to turning the ice-cream game on its head for over 10 years. Cherry’s mantra that “dessert has to be a joy” rings throughout the store’s interior, flavours and broader social mission. A portion of profits is donated to The Life You Can Save. Giving back is a “large dimension behind what we do and why we do it”, says Rainflower.

Fluffy Torpedo
213 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Mon to Wed Midday–10pm
Thur & Sun Midday–10.30pm
Fri & Sat Midday–11pm