Heston Blumenthal and Ashley Palmer-Watts’ meat fruit has become one of Dinner by Heston’s most iconic dishes. Between the London and Melbourne restaurants, Dinner serves almost 1500 of these pate-that-looks-like-mandarin wonders each week.

A festive variation on the original meat fruit – a deep red plum (or so it seems) – is making its way to Melbourne for two nights in December.

The Christmas redux will feature chicken liver parfait encased in a gel, infused with Amiel Maury Cabernet Sauvignon red wine and a range of holiday-appropriate spices such as cinnamon, cloves and star anise.

Ashley Palmer-Watts, Dinner’s executive chef, developed the treat with Heston Blumenthal after learning about a traditional medieval dish called Pome Dorres or “apples of gold”, with minced pork coated in flour paste and green herbs. Ashley said that they both wanted to update the dish with a current aesthetic.

“The essential mandarin oil used in the casing of the mandarin meat fruit worked perfectly with the richness of the parfait, hence the mandarin meat fruit everyone knows,” Palmer-Watts says. “I was working for many months to create something that tasted of the festive season and wanted a richer darker colour. So, the plum meat fruit was born.”

The special dish will be served on Christmas Eve, which will feature the regular a la carte menu with a few twists, and the New Year’s Eve tasting menu, which features six courses.

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