The name Hungry Birds conjures up a feeling of cosiness and friendliness, which is just what the proprietors intended. Tucked around the side of a commercial building in quiet Victoria Street and littered with flowerpots, this brand new cafecito (‘little café’) is serving up Mexican and Mediterranean-inspired dishes that are sure to get Brunswick locals curious.

Being a tiny space with a tiny kitchen, the menu at Hungry Birds isn’t extensive, but you should be able to find something that piques your interest. There are four hot dishes, starting with the eggs rancheros (an obligingly messy stack of fried eggs and tortillas with spicy beans). Or perhaps ‘The Tribute’ is more your style – a short crust pie filled with prosciutto and all kinds of cheeses.

For a lighter lunch choice, there are two ciabatta rolls to choose from; one with ham and gruyere, the other with suckling roast pork. Okay, so ‘light’ is a relative term. That said, if you’re the sort who enjoys breakfast foods at any time of day, there’s the house muesli, or a variety of toasts with all manner of spreads and toppings, including soft-boiled eggs. Gluten-free bread is available, as well as corn tortillas, so coeliacs have options.

The coffee arrives courtesy of Supreme, with the standard tea varieties on offer. Give one of the traditional Mexican agua frescas a try, and you can even kick it old school with a chocolate or vanilla milkshake. Team your beverage with a pear and dark chocolate muffin and your inner hungry bird will be sure to cheep happily.

Hungry Birds
242 Victoria Street, Brunswick
0401 540 872

Tue to Sun 7.30am–3pm