Fairfeed Community Project launched in March with a simple aim: to provide work to laid-off Melbourne chefs and hospitality workers, while delivering affordable meals to the community.

“Covid-19 has hit hospitality pretty hard,” says Tom Jacobson, who is behind Fairfeed (also co-owner of Elsternwick burger joint Smoke & Pickles). “To keep my staff employed, I wanted to find a way to keep them engaged and give us the best chance to plough through this.”

Originally, Fairfeed delivered only to Melbourne’s south, but it’s now expanded to cover Melbourne’s northern suburbs, too.

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Fairfeed operates out of the Smoke & Pickles kitchen. Dishes are all crafted by Melbourne chefs, and cost around $12 to $14 for a two-person serve.

Expect dishes such as Wagyu brisket goulash with pickled chillies on the side by Daniel Dobra, head chef at the newly opened (and now temporarily closed) Bistro Garçon; Jamaican jerk chicken with coconut rice and black beans from Jungle Boy’s bar supervisor Ben Forge; and a chickpea and vegetable stew with basmati rice by Mike Byard, owner of 20-seat Balaclava diner Pretty Little.

“If you dine at Pretty Little you’re spending $100 to $150 a head, and the dish we’ve put together with them sells for $7 a serve,” Jacobson says. “I think [this situation] is going to change the landscape, [and we’ll see more] chefs creating really good, nourishing food that’s accessible.”

New to the menu is a herb-loaded mac'n'cheese; a gochujang meatball noodle soup; and a classic spaghetti bolognaise, all coming in at $6 a serve. Delivery costs an additional $10.50, and $10 of that goes straight to your driver – someone who has just lost their job or some of their income.

New suburbs added include Richmond, Cremorne, Abbotsford, Clifton Hill, Carlton, Northcote, Parkville, Kensington, Collingwood, Carlton North, Fitzroy, Fitzroy North, Brunswick East, Brunswick, Brunswick West and North Melbourne. Look online for the full suburb list and delivery windows.