The midst of winter might be a strange time to open up a gelati shop, but we’re not hearing any complaints. Known for its unique flavour combinations and even stranger serving methods, quirky Sydney-based gelateria N2 Extreme Gelato has established its first Melbourne outpost on Brunswick Street.

Inspired by Heston Blumenthal and Ferron Adria, owners Min Chai and Angee Yeoh use liquid nitrogen to create a perfectly palatable gelato right before your hungry eyes. Churned to order by safety goggle-wearing ‘gelartists’, the nitrogen freezes at such a rapid rate that it eliminates ice crystal formation, resulting in a creamy smooth texture in less than two minutes.

“The average temperature of gelato is -16°C,” says Chai. “With our method we can serve it at -6°C.” Adds Yeoh: “The perfect consuming temperature.”

Chai and Yeoh opted for an industrial feel for their Brunswick Street store as a nod to the neighbourhood. With astroturf-topped pallets, a communal daybed (perfect for shared gelato consumption), walls dressed up by local graffiti artists and a large roller door opening onto a backstreet alley, you can only imagine how packed this Fitzroy hangout will be in summer.

The menu changes weekly, so you can expect anything from mango sorbet and sour cream chocolate to something with chunks of salty pretzels or – if you’re lucky – a decadent crème brulee, hidden beneath a crisp, caramelised shell.

N2 Extreme Gelato
329 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Daily 1pm–11pm