Ever wanted to make Martinis for friends at home but don’t have everything you need, or don’t know how? The Everleigh has a solution with its new range of expertly made bottled cocktails made in-house, available to take away in individual serves.

Michael Madrusan (of The Everleigh and Navy Strength Ice Co.) came up with the idea for The Broadsheet Restaurant. “Broadsheet wanted to put out good-quality drinks, but was really conscious of needing to have an Everleigh-trained bartender,” he says. “We suggested going for bottled cocktails at The Broadsheet Restaurant, which works really well. Anyone can pour one.”

Made to the Gertrude Street establishment’s exacting standards using Bulleit rye, Tanqueray gin and Dolin dry vermouth, all drinkers need to do is crack them open and pour them into a glass. “A bottled cocktail is still providing the best cocktail The Everleigh can make, but in a really short amount of time,” Madrusan says. “Now you can make a Manhattan quicker than you can pour a pint.”

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For the moment, four different varieties are available: a Manhattan; a classic Martini; an Old Fashioned, and a Negroni. Made in-house at The Everleigh and finished with liquid nitrogen to preserve flavour, the cocktail range will appear in independent bottle shops and via The Everleigh’s website for around $15 each. They’ll also be available through an in-house bottle shop at Madrusan’s new inner-city venue, Heartbreaker (opening soon).

They’re best stored in the freezer, then served with fresh garnish.