Earlier in the year we reported that objections from nearby residents had indefinitely stalled the Esplanade Hotel’s renovations, meaning it may not have reopened over summer.

Plans for a new 145-square-metre rooftop terrace were at the heart of the Espy’s renovation issues. More than 25 objections were made to the Port Phillip Council, citing concerns over potential noise problems from the new rooftop terrace.

These objections have now been resolved and the Port Phillip Council has approved the Espy’s extensive renovation plans.

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According to a statement given by Port Phillip's mayor, Amanda Stevens, “11 of the 21 conditions required under the permit relate to protection from noise and cover a range of scenarios.” Regarding the new rooftop terrace, Stevens says: “Council will also require the [rooftop terrace’s retractable roof] to be closed by 10pm and live music performances won’t be allowed on the terrace.”

News of the Port Phillip Council’s approval puts the historic Esplanade Hotel one step closer to a reopening. However, with strict noise conditions and ongoing acoustic reports (checks carried out by council to assess the noise levels coming from the building), a reopening may not happen as soon as some would like.

Espy co-owner Vince Soho, told Broadsheet, “Going through the [council approval] process has taken such a long time; we’ll hit ground running and hopefully open up at least some parts of [the Espy] by the end of the summer.”