Your favourite caffeinated cocktail now has its own festival.

No one appreciates an Espresso Martini like this festival’s creator Tom Baker, co-founder of Australian coffee-liqueur company MR BLACK.

Baker has created the festival as a tribute to the Espresso Martini, and wants to restore it to its former glory.

“We kind of saw the progressive degradation in the quality of the drink. People using bad coffees and bad coffee liqueurs and really not putting as much love into the drink as they used to,” Baker says.

“It shouldn’t be this sickly sweet thing. It should be beautiful, dry and bitter-sweet”.

The festival will involve all of the ingredients expected in a good Espresso Martini. Coffee roasters Campos and Rushmore will supply fresh grounds, and there will be cold-brews from Coast and Beat Coffee. Also, Ketel One and Two Birds Brewing will supply booze.

Eight different Espresso Martinis will be available, including variations made with spiced rum and Don Julio tequila. The day will also include a cocktail-making class, a tutorial on how MR BLACK is made, and a discussion on the history of the Espresso Martini.

A collection of Melbourne bakeries is lined up to supply sweets. There will also be a game of “coffee pong”, a caffeinated equivalent to beer pong, which we can only imagine will involve some shaky throws.

“It’s such an amazing drink, which people just can’t get enough of,” Baker says. “And we just thought, ‘Fuck it. Let’s get all of our friends in coffee and booze together, and have a big-old coffee party,” says Baker.

The MR BLACK Festival of the Espresso Martini is on Saturday November 5 at the Melbourne Meat Market, 5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne. Tickets are $25 and available at