Top 5 Melbourne Dining experiences

Melbourne takes its culinary experiences very seriously. Although easily found on the various streets and laneways of Melbourne, what sets these restaurants apart from the rest is their world class chefs heading their kitchens and award winning innovative cusines. We've narrowed it down to the five venues to visit if it is an experience you require, rather then just a meal.

Best Cafes and Best Coffee

Coffee is a way of life in Melbourne and nearly everyone you meet will have an opinion on where to find the city’s best. In recent years the scene has moved beyond lattes and cappuccinos and embraced the third wave movement, with some of our favourites offering alternative brewing methods such as siphon and clover coffee. Make like a local and make an afternoon of it, lingering over a coffee with a good book in tow.

Best Breakfast

It may be eggs on toast, museli or something a little more adventurous, but there's something about waking up in an unfamiliar city and heading out to treat yourself for the first meal of the day. Skillfully digesting both The Age and the day's breakfast special with intermittent sips of a double shot roast of the day, breakfast in Melbourne has become an event not only for lazy Sundays but another reason for a responsible choice for the day's most important meal.

Late Night Dining

Although not quite 'The city that never sleeps', Melbourne embodies characteristics similar to that of a mischievous child on a school night - up late and still hungry. With theatre performances being something to scurry to straight after work whilst leaving you with pangs of hunger upon its completion, Melbourne does manage to accommodate for those occasions when dining isn't occurring at a conventional time.

No Reservations

Some may argue it leads to more spontaneity, while others see it as frustratingly limiting, but either way no reservation restaurants have taken the city by storm. Many of the city’s best chefs have opened second, more casual, eateries with strict no booking policies, making 3 month waiting lists a thing of the past. But be prepared to turn up when the doors open or for a late sitting, otherwise waiting is part of the game.

Best Sandwich

Banish thoughts of ham and cheese on white bread, these ain’t your mama’s sandwiches. Some may come in a lunchbox, but we guarantee it will be of the gourmet kind. Prepare yourself for luscious fillings like pork belly, angus steak and fancy chicken schnitzel.