“It’s time we stepped up Melbourne’s burger game again,” says Jimmy Hurlston, owner of Easey’s, Truck Stop Deluxe, and the man behind burger Insta diary Jimmy’s Burgers.

In March 2015, Easey’s made a dramatic entrance, taking over a five-storey building in Collingwood that had two old-school train carriages perched on the rooftop.

Two years later, Easey’s has expanded, taking over the kitchens at two already-existing venues – The Bottom End in the CBD, and Two Wrongs in South Yarra. The three menus overlap in parts, with some classic dishes carried over, but a significant part of each menu is exclusive to the location and reflective of the venue and local area. (Collingwood Easey’s too, will soon be significantly changing its menu.)

The idea to expand without actually opening a new venue came about when restaurant and dive bar Two Wrongs contacted Hurlston.

“They asked us to do a whole bunch of graffiti in the bar to get an element of Easey’s in the space,” says Hurlston. “Like us, they go for that level of stylistic uncomfortableness, and we both thought – hang on a minute there’s more we can do together here.”

The Easey’s team moved into Two Wrongs in May – the in-bar outpost is called Easey’s XX – and made some changes to its “southside lustre”, Hurlston says, replacing it with a “grimy, gritty northside touch”.

In keeping with the bar’s glam-kitsch style, the Easey’s menu there will soon reveal some fancy, indulgent adaptations of their regular burgers.

“We’re experimenting with decadent French-style sauces and some silly, over-the-top ingredients you wouldn’t normally see in a burger,” he says.

Serving the crowd at Two Wrongs is a step up from Collingwood (where there’s room for 157) with a space that can fit up to 300. The bar also hosts regular functions, and is a late-night cocktail spot. The Easey’s menu there reflects that.

“It’s been really fun altering our dishes to be like finger food,” says Hurlston. “Our butcher now makes our double-smoked beef dogs into cocktail franks too for the mini hot dogs.”

In the CBD, Easey’s has moved into the ground floor of the Bottom End, which recently underwent a refurbishment. Hurlston has fond memories of the place, having worked there when it was Bubble nightclub.

“It’s a bit of a quirky pub and we’d like to make it a home for American sports with hip-hop vibes and good casual food and beers,” says Hurlston. The menu at BE Easey’s blends American-style bar with Australian pub classics.

“We want to reinvent the inner-city pub by putting an Easey’s flavour on it,” says Hurlston, adding that it’s the kind of place diners can come to watch sport, play some table tennis, hang out after work or grab a feed before heading to the footy. BE Easey’s will also run trivia and university nights with mid-week specials and DJs.

Both The Bottom End and Two Wrongs kitchens are much bigger than Easey’s in Collingwood, and well equipped to handle a range of different kind of foods, beyond burgers. “It’s encouraged us to be super creative and broaden what we can do,” says Hurlston.

3/48 Easey Street, Collingwood

Sun to Thurs 11am–10pm
Fri & Sat 11am–11pm
(03) 9079 5942

Easey’s XX, Two Wrongs
637 Chapel Street, South Yarra

Kitchen Hours
Tue to Sun noon–1am

BE Easey’s, The Bottom End
579 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
(03) 9629 3001

Kitchen Hours
Tue to Sat 11.30am–midnight