Easey's, the upcoming five-storey burger joint from Jimmy “Burgers” Hurlston and Jeremy Gaschk, isn’t quite ready for its planned December opening date.

But far from being put off by the delay, the duo is taking things to the next level. Well, another three levels, actually. This Friday they’ll open a pop-up on a CBD rooftop, eight storeys up. The location is a secret until you sign up at the Easey’s website.

“It’s right in the middle of the city,” Hurlston says. “The view is phenomenal. I reckon people will want to go up there just for that.” That, and the burgers and chips. In the past two years, Hurlston has become an authority on burgers, simply by eating as many as he can find and Instagramming them. What we’re waiting to find out is if he can grill as well as he can ‘gram.

If you get thirsty there’ll be cans of Melbourne Bitter, CC & Dry, cider, Coke and root beer, plus a TV in the corner for cricket fans. “It’s a really simple idea,” Hurlston says, “but we just want to have a cool vibe where people can come hang out, eat cheeseburgers and have a good time in the sun.”

It won't last for long – 10 days or less, in fact – starting Friday December 19 and running through to Tuesday next week. After a break for Christmas, the rooftop will fire up again on Boxing Day and December 27 and 28. Dates in the new year are currently hanging in the balance, so don't sleep.

Easey's Pop Up
Address supplied after signing up at easeys.com.au.

Open December 19 to 23 and December 26 to 28.