No doubt you know of Earl Canteen, the sandwich shop in the CBD that redefined what a sandwich can be, creating a culture where quality produce - local, seasonal vegetables; sustainable, ethically raised meats - is the norm rather than the exception in the world of the office sandwich.

Now they are also filling the tummies of the Broadsheet Cafe coffee drinkers. Specialising in superior sandwiches, that are made to order, each day Earl are preparing lunch for the Broadsheet Cafe.

The sandwich menu changes daily but some of our favourites include the Wagyu salami, Duck Confit and egg and avocado between soft, white freshly baked baguette.

Basically, they make the best sandwiches in the city and they have a great ethos about food, quality and the environment too. We really like what they are doing, and we wanted a piece of it for our cafe.

So head down and check out which sandwiches are on the Broadsheet Cafe menu for lunch tomorrow.