Charles Walker is proof that soul music hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s been here a long time and it’s still evolving. From the US, The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker demonstrate how an old school sound of soul music can take on a new era. Walker isn’t trying to resurrect a former period of soul music, he’s the real deal from way back - opening shows at the Apollo Theatre for James Brown, Etta James and Wilson Pickett. Charles Walker doesn’t just know the history of soul - he is the history.

The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker have repeatedly made the case that the revival of soul music isn’t just a passing phase for retro lovers, it is a lively, energetic, and dynamic movement. The Dynamites combine traditional and modern elements of soul music that stand for where soul has been and where it is going. Their powerful and vivid sound shows are dedicated to an authenticity of days gone-by, with a seriously modern twist.

Headlining in what is a showcase of some of the finest funk and soul revue on offer this summer, Order of Melbourne will see The Dynamites bring their second album Burn It Down in early January, packing a punch full of funky soul.

The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker play at the Order of Melbourne on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th of January, 2011.

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