Taking up residency in the 115 year old building made famous by its cousins Seamstress and Sweatshop, comes a new haven for inner-city coffee lovers: Drystore Espresso.

The tiny venue takes the term ‘inventive use of space’ to a new level. There are boxes of yet to be used products acting as wall decor, bits and pieces from the Seamstress kitchen thrown in wherever there is free space and hanging from the ceiling are the venues token Chinese cheongsams and other clothing curios.

Though the bench space is remarkably limited, should you be lucky enough to score a seat, it doesn't feel boxed in. Generous windows open out onto the street allowing natural light to flood the tiny venue and as well as providing easy access for busy city workers after a fast takeaway coffee.

With the Gravity Espresso blend being the signature drink, barista David Barron is giving other early morning haunts a serious run for their money. The team know their stuff and they happily share their coffee knowledge with those who are interested and providing the kind of friendly banter that makes Monday mornings that little bit easier.

The soon to be created food menu will reflective the feel of Seamstress, but given Drystore is still in its early days, drinkers will have to instill some patience and settle for coffee and chats for the time being.

Drystore Espresso
113 Lonsdale Street, CBD
(03) 9663 6363

Mon to Fri 7am - 4pm