Summer: it’s a love-hate relationship – all fun and games until your aircon is broken, it’s over 30 degrees outside, your fridge is empty and you’re getting hangry. You don’t want to leave the house to get food. So don’t.

Gelato Messina
Gelato Messina delivers on ice-cream dreams all over the city with 40 permanent flavours to choose from – any of which Suppertime’s delivery service will bring straight to your house/mouth. There’s a three-scoop minimum – which, as enforced guidelines go, is just fine. Sample some Salted Caramel and White Chocolate, or maybe a little Pannacotta with Fig Jam and Amaretti Biscuit without lifting a finger.

Doughnut Time
Doughnut Time hasn’t even opened permanent stores in Melbourne yet – though it is imminent (expected in the next month or so) – but you can get your hands on its elaborate creations via an online ordering service. At $6 each, they’re not cheap – but they’re not your average doughnuts, either. (The Elvis, for example, is piped full of raspberry jam, glazed with banana and peanut, then sprinkled with pancetta.)

Update (1pm, January 13): Doughnut Time is currently not taking orders. Keep an eye on their site for deliveries to reopen.

Cocktail Runner
Short of paying a bartender to come to your house, Cocktail Runner is the closest thing you can get to a professionally made cocktail without having to put on pants. The service scours Melbourne bars to find signature cocktail recipes from top bartenders (a tip to the bartender who provides the recipe is included in the total price). A package of freshly prepared ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions is delivered to your door (and the delivery itself is free) – leaving you to create, shake and enjoy. The cocktail list includes classics such as the Espresso Martini and Moscow Mule, but also features more unique concoctions such as the Melbourne Weather, a local twist on a Dark and Stormy.

Lazy? We like to think of it as selective participation.