The Flour Market continues to grow, our insatiable appetites for doughy, leavened treats eating clean through its past venues. Now, in its third (Easter-themed) iteration, it will take over Fitzroy Town Hall. With attendance expected to be even higher than in the past this Sunday, the Flour Market has become something to plan for, to negotiate. And because people who create monsters bear some responsibility for them, we asked organisers Mark Free of Everyday Coffee and Sarah Booth of the Magic Johnston cultural complex for their tips on how to extract the most cream from the situation. In a literal and figurative sense.

They both agreed that the best way to ensure satisfaction is to buy it, taking what you could call the Indecent Proposal approach. Purchasing one of 100 early-bird tickets guarantees early entry and unhindered choice. Besides, a 5 & Dime bagel is, in many ways, more satisfying than Demi Moore. Less artificial, certainly. Failing that, they recommend you get there as early as possible and bring cash – individual stallholders may have EFTPOS but banking on it may mean a trip to the bank.

Mark Free is also an advocate of a martial approach. After all, the market is a place for loaves, not loafing. Organise a group of friends to comb the hall like a phalanx, sweeping up a wider variety of treats than you could alone. Strategy is also key. He suggests moving, “Around the market as you would your meals for the day because things will sell out in that order”. Which means leaving the savoury Pure Pie and Pierogi Pierogi until last, as in for ‘dinner’.

There was also consensus that doughnuts – particularly All Day Doughnuts from Raph ‘Beatbox Kitchen’ Rashid – will be most prized. Booth suggested a pint of Guinness from the nearby Napier Hotel would be a perfect accompaniment. If that’s one indulgence too many, a salted caramel or vegan coconut-and-mango shake from Shop Ramen will do nicely. Nora tarts – which look more like something you’d eat at elBulli than inside a municipal building, in their black pastry shells –were also tipped to be in demand.

Booth also suggests bringing a bag - the Flour Market facilitates, encourages even, off-site gluttony as well. Vegan desserts, sauces and condiments by Botanical Cuisine will keep for some time. As will all-natural, Middle-Eastern dips from Shuki and Louisa. Baking publications from Books for Cooks have an indefinite shelf life.

Keep an eye out for hot-cross things that aren’t usually hot crossed and, most of all, enjoy what Free describes as a, “New culture evolving here and around the world.” For, as he says, “Shit’s delicious, man. That’s the takeaway. People are getting smarter and making delicious stuff”.

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Early bird tickets available here for $10. Limited to 100 tickets.

The Flour Market Easter Bake-Sale
Fitzroy Town Hall,
201 Napier Street, Fitzroy

Sunday April 13, 9am ‘til sold out