As something of a cocktail advocate, Broadsheet has long been a partner of the Schweppes Cocktail Revolution, an online resource for creative drinking. By getting the inside line on some of Australia’s most talented barkeeps and experimenting with our own creations, we’re helping to concoct some innovative ways to mix your own drinks at home. For us, the Cocktail Revolution is about garnering inspiration from the most unlikely of sources: what is readily available in your pantry or fruit bowl.

While nothing goes better with a Hendricks and Tonic (forget lemon), there are some even more captivating uses for the humble cucumber.
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You might remember the humble mandarin as a lunchbox favourite, but we’ve got a grown-up use for this delicious citrus.
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Silver Fizz
Plus, there’s a range of creative recipes, including a delicious Silver Fizz – a delicate gin and lemon cocktail that’s a breeze to make.
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Portable Cocktails
No matter how fancy your favourite bar, almost everything’s better in the sunshine. There’s no reason to accept the tyrannical rule demanding we drink cocktails only when it’s dark; so throw open the doors and take your drinks outside!
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Weathering the Storm with Rum
Our autumn-warming cocktail is a variation on the Dark & Stormy, a classic rum concoction popular wherever sailors go. If you’re up for something a little fancier, and a little more delicious, try the Darker & Stormier.
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Make Your Own Vermouth
So, you’ve got three-quarters of a bottle of old wine rattling around in the crisper and its floral notes are turning to shades of vinegar; it’s time to pour it down the gurgler, right? Wrong! Your eye-watering wine is the beginning of something beautiful (and refreshing): homemade vermouth.
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In addition, the Cocktail Revolution will also kit you out with the essentials of cocktail-making, explaining the basics of cornerstone liquor like gin, an important subject to master.

With a little inspiration and direction, you can achieve anything in your own kitchen. So find an empty jar, raid your pantry, grab some ice and have a little fun by mixing some homemade cocktails.

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