A movement toward providing good quality food at the airport is slowly happening, with Vue de Monde feeding international travellers for almost a year now. Hot on its heels comes the latest addition of Bar Pulpo by Movida, which to the dismay of domestic travellers is also only available on the far side of the customs gates.

This is most likely the reason why Vue de Monde has also recently taken on the domestic terminal, opening a small counter providing sandwiches – beef and horseradish mayo, ricotta and vegetable or thick sourdough with a classic combination of chicken, lettuce and mayonnaise – to interstate travellers.

The two names, Vue de Monde and MoVida, immediately conjure associations with Melbourne and quality food, and the presence of these two names offers travellers the hope that there might be more than a reheated pie waiting for them after check-in.

"It can take a lot of time for security and clearance in the international terminal," says MoVida co-owner David Mackintosh, "but if travellers know there is a good experience gate-side they may be more willing to get to the airport earlier and take the time to enjoy the experience on offer." At Bar Pulpo this includes "a collection of MoVida's greatest hits," says Mackintosh, such as the Cantabrian anchovy with smoked tomato sorbet and the beef cheek braised in sherry - a little piece of Spain before you even get there.

While it might be tricky for the quality of the brand to be maintained via pre-made and packaged items and a menu that has to appeal to a very broad, mixed audience, we can't help but salute the fact that wherever you're heading – abroad or domestically – there is a constant reminder of two of Melbourne’s most iconic and prestigious dining brands Melbourne. We're keen to see if these ventures can maintain the same restaurant quality they do back in the city. It could make a delayed flight seem a whole lot more palatable.