This is a dinner party, but not as you know it. Part of the State of Design festival, Dining With Strangers is an opportunity for like-minded people to connect by sharing a couple of things that everyone loves – food and conversation.

The premise is simple. All you have to bring is yourself; the strangers (also known as possible future friends) are provided alongside your evening meal. This is a wonderful occasion to leave inhibitions at the door and converse with folk you may not normally encounter in your usual social circles.

The one-off event is hosted by the unique social networking community Eat With Me, which was founded in October 2010 by a group of well-travelled, food-loving Melburnians. Anyone can join the group online and participate in their regular Eat With Me meals.

Where: Do Design Space, GPO, Level 2, 350 Bourke Street, CBD (enter via Postal Lane, Lift B)
When: Friday July 29, 7pm–9pm
Cost: $50