The annual Dine with Heart Month – run by Sacred Heart Mission in St Kilda – brings together some of Melbourne’s best chefs and restaurants to contribute to supporting the city’s homeless.

A growing homelessness crisis in Victoria means more than 22,000 people are sleeping rough or couch surfing, including 6000 young people.

“Every day we help to provide meals for around 400 people in need,” says chair of the Dine with Heart organising committee, Adrian Cropley. “A $4 donation is all it takes to feed one person a balanced and nutritious three-course meal.”

During May, participating restaurants and chefs around Melbourne are hosting events to support the cause. These include Mr Ottorino in Fitzroy; Donovans and Luxembourg in St Kilda; and Green Park Dining in Carlton.

The campaign culminates in a gala fundraising dinner at the Palais Theatre on Tuesday May 30 featuring dishes by chefs at some of Melbourne’s most popular restaurants including Adam D’Sylva (Coda, Tonka; Jesse Gerner (Bomba); Emma D’Alessandro (Donovans); Chris Watson (Cutler & Co., Marion); Nicky Reimer (Bellota Wine Bar); Buddha Lo (Matteo's); Brooke Payne (Epocha); and Jarrod Smith (Elyros).

Last year the campaign raised more than $115,000, which equates to almost 30,000 meals.

“It’s a chance to not just serve [paying] customers that dine at CODA and Tonka, but to feed the underprivileged and give back, and to hopefully make a difference to someone’s life,” says D’Sylva. “Dine with Heart is a great place to do that.”

The Dine with Heart dinner takes place on Tuesday May 30. Buy tickets here.