We can’t seem get enough of the various food trucks zooming around town and Jessi and Jennifer Singh have heard our call. The couple own Dhaba at the Mill Indian restaurant in Kyneton and have a fleet of Dhaba Food Trucks that appear regularly around Woodend. Starting last night, Dhaba will now be making semi-regular jaunts to the big smoke.

“A lot of our regulars in Kyneton are from Melbourne and when they heard we had food trucks, they all asked, why aren’t you in the city,” says Jennifer.

The Dhaba Food Truck will set up shop next to Gumbo Kitchen on Ruckers Hill in Northcote and they may eventually feed people together once a month. “Michael from Gumbo Kitchen really cares about what he’s doing,” she says, “and we all figure the more the merrier. Let’s have some fun together, although nothing’s definite yet.”

The truck’s focus is on Indian street food, something we don’t often get to sample. The menu includes Papadi Chaat (crispy wafers to scoop spiced chickpea, potato, tomato and coriander topped with yogurt and tamarind sauce), Aloo Tikki (a potato croquette with a spiced cheesy centre) alongside homemade samosa and chutney. “The truck will always serve curry over rice bowls as well,” says Jennifer. “The rotating menu means there will always be a vegetarian and non-veg curry option.”

The truck will also be setting up shop at the Abbotsford Club’s Craft and Food Fair on Saturday, but to keep in the loop, check the food truck’s Facebook.


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