The raw movement is spreading. The latest manifestation is Raw Trader, a specialty raw-dessert bar in the CBD specialising in all things vegan, organic, paleo, gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. In short: if there’s anything you’re not supposed to eat, this place has your back.

The health-conscious cafe is run by Emily Samyue, a former food technologist who left the corporate world for something a little sweeter.

There are juices, raw tarts, cakes, slices and chocolates, but the deconstructed lemon-mousse tart, and the gooey caramel slice are the heroes on the menu. The tiramisu and cherry-ripe slice, though, are two of Samyue’s favourites.

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Raw Trader offers a range of house-made retail products, such as granolas, teas and almond and hazelnut milks. It also makes specialty cakes to order.

Designed by Studio Y, the space combines raw and modern contemporary styles. The rustic, wooden wall panelling and baby-blue hues work with slick, concrete surfaces.

A perfect spot for a sweet hit during the working week, or a relaxed coffee and cake after a day of exploring the city.

The Raw Trader
10 Sutherland Street, Melbourne
0478 692 008


Tue to Thu 7.30pm–8.30pm
Fri 7.30am–10pm
Sat 10am–10pm

Sun 10am–4pm