One of Melbourne’s favourite cocktail bars, Der Raum, is shaking things up again with their new bottled cocktail, Pop.

While offering polished bottled beverages is nothing new for Der Raum (they’ve already ventured into the market with Teacher’s Tipple and Bax Beet Pinot), this new creation is a step above the rest.

Taking inspiration from the legendary Bellini - traditionally made with prosecco and peach puree - Pop is, as we would expect from Der Raum, a step above your average bottled cocktail. Made from a secret recipe and bottle fermented, the process is similar to that used to make Champagne. They use great produce, patience and the natural fermentation process to generate bold flavours paired with an explosive texture. Instead of simply injecting CO2 into the finished drink, Pop’s delicious gaseous bubbles are created naturally through fermentation, making these beverages entirely unique and impossible to replicate.

Headed by owner Matthew Bax and Luke Whearty of Trink Tank, the project has taken the Richmond cocktail institution in a new direction. After spending more than a year perfecting their methodology and secret recipe in their cocktail lab behind the bar (and exploding many bottles in the process), they showcased it for the first time earlier this year at the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.

Not simply a dressed-up version of mixed drink in a can, this is a truly amazing drink in it's own right. Not overly sugary or filled with preservatives, quality ingredients have been used and the care, time and effort Bax and Whearty have taken to develop it shows.

Currently, Pop is only available on the bar’s tasting menu, but the team is working to boost their production levels in preparation for a summer range that can be ordered over the bar.