We’ve had so much fun celebrating our fair city’s drinking culture for the past couple of weeks, as the town’s best took over for a night or two. We’ve sipped juleps, mules, blazers, daiquiris, coolers and martinis, all made by the most talented bartenders in the city. For our final night, the granddaddies of Melbourne’s cocktail scene, Der Raum, are taking over.

Launched 11 years ago, Der Raum was one of the first bars in Melbourne to take cocktails seriously, with a menu that incorporated elements of molecular gastronomy with a serious commitment to quality drinking. The extensive, witty, cocktail menu and cosy (some would say tiny) location in Richmond helped contribute to the Der Raum mythology.

Last year, Matt Bax and his team changed things up with a minor renovation and a new membership scheme. Members get a ‘birthday treat’ and priority access, but regular folk only need to ring the doorbell and, if there’s room, are more than welcome.

Despite these changes, Der Raum’s commitment to making inspired, unexpected cocktails of an impeccable standard has never wavered. They continue to take a chemistry-style approach to their drinks, whilst making many of their ingredients, including juices and bitters, fresh.

So for the final evening of The Broadsheet Bar, Der Raum is bringing out the big guns. The Berry & The Bee is inspired by a NOMA dessert, taking on the concept of recreating ingredients the way they are found in nature. Combining distilled lemon myrtle, wild blackberries, wild fennel-infused honey, fresh lemon and mint, it certainly sounds like a success. The +/-, or the drink formerly known as the pina colada, introduces new textures and temperatures to the classic tropical drink. All they’ll tell us is that it comprises a mix of lavender, pineapple, fresh lime, agave, white chocolate and coconut, but just how that turns out remains a mystery.

Come down for the last night at The Broadsheet Bar, presented by Schweppes. We’ll see you there.

The Broadsheet Bar
234 Flinders Lane, Melbourne