We’re all living such busy lives these days that sometimes the thought of having to make time to go to the supermarket is enough to make you want to scream, no matter how much you may enjoy food. Luckily for the time poor, there are plenty of services around town that will bring quality food to you, and you may end up finding food magically appearing on your doorstep to be quite addictive. We recommend the following services to get you started.

Five Senses
If you’ve ever thought that your coffee addiction would be much better served if some enterprising barista just set up shop in your own home, you can go one step further and actually become your own barista with the help of the famous Five Senses. Their online shop stocks a variety of beans, such as their patented single origins, as well as a selection of their loose-leaf teas and chai and hot chocolate mixes. Don’t have your own coffee machine or grinder at home? You can order those from the Five Senses shop as well, along with every coffee-making accoutrement known to man. Outfit your home into the cafe of your dreams!

Tired of eating the same old boring leftovers at your desk every lunchtime? How does a hearty curry, delivered right to your workplace, sound? Tiffins Melbourne is an enterprising Indian kitchen in the heart of the CBD that uses an old Bombay tradition of families bringing workers their lunches in airtight thermal containers called tiffins, which keep the meal hot until it’s eaten. The Tiffins team deliver their meals, which include a vegetarian curry and a meat curry that change daily, as well as dhal, rice and naan, via couriers on tricycles. And if you choose to purchase your tiffin container, they will also swap them with each subsequent order, meaning that you’re cutting down on your lunchtime wastage by using reusable containers. Currently Tiffins only covers the CBD area, but we think it’s a cheeky deal that every city office worker should check out.

CERES’ Fair Food initiative is a little bit different in that it doesn’t deliver directly to homes, but instead has set up an environmentally-friendly ‘food hosts’ delivery system whereby you can collect your food box from organisations or individuals who have offered spaces as safe pick up zones. All produce is sourced from CERES’ own farms in Brunswick East and Coburg or from local farmers, and all the food miles are factored in so that customers can be assured that they’re buying as local as possible. As well as organic fruit and veg boxes, you can get bread from their bakery, organic eggs, dips, cheeses, flours, tofu, tea, juices and all manner of things. You truly won’t have to visit a supermarket again!

Sticky Fingers Bakery
Let’s be blunt. Knowing that we can have delicious cakes and cupcakes delivered to our door means that we’re probably never going to leave our houses again. Especially when the cakes come from the divine Sticky Fingers Bakery. This rocking bakery entwines loves for music and food (each cake delivery comes with a tag to tell you what tunes the cooks were listening to as your cake came into creation), and you can have cupcakes appear on your doorstep with names like the Americana, an “ode to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Elvis and drive-ins”, or the Raspberry Beret. Or perhaps you want to go big (this is cake, we won’t judge you), in which case there’s naughty options like the mojito, a rum and lime pound cake frosted with butter cream infused with lime, mint and more rum. Or you could court sweet chocolate death with the salted caramel cake. Sticky Fingers are also more than happy to craft a custom cake for you and can cater for dietary requirements.

If you love your produce to come from markets, yet can’t bring yourself to get up at daybreak in order to get the best deals, you can turn to Mercatus. Sourcing their products directly from the Queen Victoria Market, Mercatus brings the market to you, and differs from other home food delivery services in that they also deliver meat and seafood. You can stock up on sausages, shellfish, homemade meat stocks, even little pots of duck fat. The delicatessen selection is particularly impressive, with ample charcuterie options, antipasti such as feta-stuffed peppers, dolmades and roasted artichokes, and so much cheese that you’ll also need to order in a small truck’s worth of crackers if you really cut loose. And the best thing about Mercatus? Delivery is free. Now where can we find a cracker truck?