On-demand alcohol-delivery services have been a fixture in Sydney for quite a while, with Jimmy Brings, QuickBottle and Liquordrop. Now it’s time for Melbourne to have a share of the fun. Pre-drinks, dinner parties and nights in are about to get even easier to organise.

Kicking off on November 10, and now delivering to the inner north, south and eastern suburbs, Deliver Me Drinks (DMD) is Melbourne’s newest alcohol delivery service. The point of difference from existing booze-delivery services? Orders aim to reach your door within 45 minutes.

“It was about 11.30pm on a Friday night, and we wanted to keep celebrating but realised we had no wine left,” says co-founder Anita Perottet (who started the business with her husband, Charles). “Nothing was really open and none of us could drive anywhere and we thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be genius if someone could deliver us wine?’ We kind of just laughed – but then it happened again later on, and so we did some research and found that there wasn’t really a service like that operating in Melbourne.”

The idea is that people can go online and look at the menu, as well as call up. At the moment the list is not extensive, but the team does have beer, wine, spirits and snacks covered – and even ice. There’s a notable focus on local wineries and breweries, and the menu will continue to grow.

As a small start-up, the husband-and-wife team is prepared for a lot to change, and for the business to grow according to demand. Both Anita and Charles are very excited – and Melbourne should be too. You’ll never have to leave the house during a party again.

0456 731 861

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