Our new book, Broadsheet Melbourne Food, is out now. To celebrate its release, we’re giving away a prize a day for 12 days. Each prize includes a copy of the book and a selection of goods from one of Melbourne’s best producers or suppliers. Enter now for your chance to win.

Melbourne’s not short on good cheese shops. Milk the Cow in Carlton and St Kilda are much rarer sorts of places. In addition to selling hundreds of cheeses, they let you stick around to enjoy your choice(s) with a glass of wine or whisky.

The range can be overwhelming, even for cheese fiends. Thankfully, the passionate people behind the counters know their stuff and are always ready to help out. And they have very good taste, as the selection below illustrates. Take this cheese platter to your Christmas function and you’ll win the day.

  • 200 grams of BellaVitano Espresso, a cow’s milk hard cheese from the USA rubbed in ground coffee. It has a sweet, nutty flavour and a caffeinated kick.

  • 200 grams of Brillat-Savarin, one of the most famous soft cheeses in the world. This French cow’s milk triple-cream brie is around 75 per cent fat. It’s creamy and buttery with a chalky centre when young, but as it draws closer to the use by date and the texture transforms, it’s better eaten with a spoon.

  • Three mini wheels of Crottin de Chavignol, an AOC raw goat’s-milk cheese from the Loire Valley with a subtle, nutty flavour and crumbly texture.

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  • One Mothais sur Feuille, an AOC goat cheese from western France with a soft, runny texture that becomes denser as it ages. While maturing, it’s wrapped in leaves left in a humid room. The combination of the lemony, earthy notes from the cheese and the mould from the leaf wrapper give this one a particularly unique flavour.

  • 200 grams of muscatels on the vine, to add some sweetness to your cheese board.

  • 115 grams of peach and muscatel chutney. For this one, peaches and muscatels produced from top-quality Mildura grapes are cooked slowly, then spiced lightly.

  • 130 grams of Asterisk Kitchen Bark Charcoal Lavosh. Lavosh is an ancient Armenian flatbread that’s been served alongside cheese for centuries. This variety is made from activated charcoal.

  • A copy of Broadsheet Melbourne Food.

  • Entries for the 12 Trays of Christmas competition are now closed.

    The total value is $169.95.


    The full list of prizes is available here.

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