Throughout the month of March, the mixologists at The Toff in Town are celebrating South America’s most adored fermented spirit, cachaca. Unless you’ve partied through South America, you’ve perhaps never even heard of the spirit, let alone sipped it in a cocktail.

Made with a base of fermented sugar cane juice, cachaca is most commonly served in classic cocktails like the Caipirinha (a simple blend of sugar, ice and lime) and the Batida (shaken with fruit juice, coconut milk and sugar) – sweet concoctions that are traditionally consumed at the height of summer in Brazil and Argentina.

Our usual drinks of choice in Australia tend to be influenced by British roots as opposed to our climate, leaning towards hearty beers from Europe, whiskeys and vodkas over a more refreshing choice from South America. Judging by our proximity to the equator, the most suitable drink for an Australian summer should always come with a dash of cachaca.

Of course, the knowledgeable ladies and gentleman behind the bar at The Toff in Town already know this and throughout the month of March they’ll be trying to convert you too with a selection of fruit Batidas, signature Caipirinhas and cachaca Negronis.

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