Created by the team from The Shadow Electric, Domestique is a temporary bar that lends its cosy confines to cycling enthusiasts and armchair commentators. Forget scenes of rowdy sports bars with sticky carpets that stink of beer – this is a place for people to enjoy quality drinks among the cycling-obsessed.

For the past four years Domestique has popped up in different locations, including a Fitzroy warehouse and The Wilde, offering everyone from tour tragics to the mildly curious a convivial space in which to enjoy the race.

“Initially the bar attracted mostly cycling enthusiasts, but as it’s grown, we’ve seen Melburnians from all walks of life join in,” says Shadow Electric co-founder Jay Rayner. “They just like to have somewhere to hang out, where the sole focus isn’t sport – it’s like being in a friend’s lounge room.”

This year Domestique will take over Gertrude Street cafe Mighty Boy, where five of the Tour’s all-important alps stages will be shown on two screens.

The bar opens from 5pm and will stay open until the race stages end at around 1am. Mighty Boy head chef Scott Blomfield (formerly of Supernormal) has created a menu including beer-battered eggplant, fries and chicken and mushroom spring rolls. Perfect for snacking on while watching athletes push themselves to physical extremes.

A cocktail list inspired by cyclists will feature drinks such as the Contador's Punch, the Nibali Negroni and Quintana Sour.

For those settling in for a bigger night, a three-course set menu will be available at 8pm. It includes classic French dishes such as beef bourguignon and, yes, crispy frogs’ legs.

Domestique will open on the following days from 5pm until the race ends:
Saturday July 18
Wednesday July 22
Thursday July 23
Friday July 24
Saturday July 25
Sunday July 26

For set-menu dinner bookings and more information visit the website.