Mash-ups, hybrids ... call them what you will, they’ve been gathering momentum for a little while now.

On the heels of Lune Croissanterie’s now-infamous cruffin comes the newest young pastry upstart: the Crupcake.

You read right: layers of crispy pastry topped with red-velvet cake, filled with vanilla bean custard and topped with cream-cheese frosting.

Sheryl Thai, director of Melbourne Central’s Cupcake Central, admits, “It’s ‘sorta taking the piss out of the whole hybrid thing,” before adding, “it’s actually freaking delicious.”

“It takes ages to bake from scratch, so we won’t be adding it to our normal menu any time in the future. It’s only in store today.”

Some might consider the idea of jamming croissant pastry in to a cupcake tin to be blasphemous. The folks at Cupcake Central just consider it quite tasty.

The Crupcake is available today at Cupcake Central’s Melbourne Central store.