Fun, creative and innovative, the concept is appealing on any level: pre order a punch bowl for your and your friends to enjoy through an old hand basin. Meaning, the contents of your table’s selected cocktail is served in all of its glory in a sink. Turn the tap on and voilà. Really.

Recently, the love for a good old-fashioned DIY project has seen a revival of sorts. And Der Raum has taken it upon themselves to carefully blend form with function to prove that imaginative drinking is ever present and recycling truly has no limits.

The boys developed the idea by firstly, exploring how to best achieve carbonation in cocktails and secondly, by seeking a new way to engage customers. Matthew Bax recalls, “Many, many years ago we offered cocktails carbonated through soda syphons.” Fed up with having to carbonate punches with tasteless soda water, he says, “A method taught by our friend, Wylie Dufresne from WD-50 in NYC, allowed for a simple and effective carbonation method.”

Inspired by their time spent together at Singapore’s revered Tippling Club, Bax was fascinated by the genius of one of the world’s most talented chefs. “He [Dufresne] taught us a system for carbonating cocktails in simple coke/soda bottles. Our system is nothing more than a different delivery method.”

In Bax’s own words, the result of the project has given birth to “a pimped out draft beer keg system.” Sourcing the “nanna sinks” from an antique dealer in Adelaide, inspiration to use these receptacles as punch bowls was simply found by staring at the basins currently fitted in both Der Raum and Bar Americano.

So what punch varieties are on offer? “The cocktails will be rotating, and you can expect to enjoy flavours and recipes based on daily foraging results and quality of seasonal produce–usually a twist on a classic, or an adaptation of one of our signature cocktails.”

Due to the mere logistics of this job, punch bowls will be limited and must be ordered at least one day in advance. But with approachable, light and refreshing mixes all being prepared with fussy group needs in mind, Bax is sticking to classic punch 101.

“Right now we are going with loads of fresh herbs, flowers, fruits, citrus, gin, vermouths and other aperitifs.”

Just when you thought cocktail drinking couldn’t get any better, it just did. We recommend you get in early to avoid disappointment, for cocktails on tap sure do sound mighty fine.

Der Raum
438 Church Street, Richmond
(03) 9428 0055